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It’s raining in the OC and neither Seth nor Ryan wants to make the long trek from the main house to the pool house or vice versa, so they talk on the phone about their respective girl problems. Summer’s leaving for Tuscany tomorrow and Seth thinks he’s really losing her this time. Ryan hasn’t talked to Lindsay since she ran out of her surprise adoption party. In the end, the surprise being that the adoption party turned into a launch party for Julie Cooper’s new magazine, Newport Living.

It’s 10am and Kirsten’s still in bed. Sandy thinks they’ve become strangers. Kirsten informs Sandy that she was taught never to talk to strangers before turning her back to him. Then the phone rings and it’s Rebecca calling to tell Sandy she just couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to him. Ok, now Kirsten’s up.

At the Nichol mansion, Julie’s making breakfast (well, toasting a bagel) when Marissa comes downstairs with Alex. Oh, Julie didn’t realize Marissa had an overnight guest. When she sees Alex, and her tattoos, she remarks that this must be the feisty young lady Caleb was talking about. Alex passes on breakfast and takes off… but not before Julie tells her to “rock on!” Julie has no problem with Marissa having a friend stay over, she’d just like to be kept informed about what’s going on under her roof. So Marissa tells her what’s going on. Alex isn’t her friend who’s a girl. Alex is her girlfriend. Yep, that’s right. Be careful what you wish for, Julie!

Ryan drops by Lindsay’s house and is forced to crawl through the bedroom window since she won’t open the front door. He notices she has a half-packed suitcase. Lindsay tells him that she thought she was moving to her Dad’s but since he might not be her dad, she thinks maybe she’s moving to Chicago with her mom instead. Ryan reminds her that she still may be Caleb’s daughter. And, by the way, that’s not the only reason to stay in Newport.

Summer’s trying on the hideous bridesmaid dress she’s supposed to wear for Zach’s sister’s wedding when Seth shows up in a Spiderman mask, since he doesn’t have a raincoat. He notices her luggage and the bridesmaid’s dress and it suddenly hits him that she’s part of Zach’s life, not his. Why did he stop by? Um, well, to tell her she needs to take a special plug for the outlets over there.

An exuberant Marissa stops by Alex’s place to inform her that she told her mom about the two of them. Alex isn’t jumping up and down. Marissa thought she’d be excited but Alex explains that it depends on whether she told Julie just to piss her off. Marissa assures Alex that she told her mom to make what they have together feel more real. Well, in that case, let’s get you out of those wet clothes!

Julie and Kirsten find themselves at the office on a Saturday night and decide to break out Caleb’s scotch and cigars and compare notes. Kirsten offers up a husband who’s currently transporting a fugitive ex-girlfriend; but Julie sees her fugitive former flame and raises her a lesbian daughter.wet clothes!

Julie and Kirsten find themselves at the office on a Saturday night and decide to break out Caleb’s scotch and cigars and compare notes. Kirsten offers up a husband who’s currently transporting a fugitive ex-girlfriend; but Julie sees her fugitive former flame and raises her a lesbian daughter.

It looks like Sandy and Rebecca are heading back to Newport together when they get turned around by a highway patrol officer informing them the roads are completely washed out and won’t be open again until morning.

Ryan finds Seth in bed listening to Boyz II Men. That could only mean things didn’t go well with Summer. Unless Seth can come up with one grand romantic gesture, Summer’s gone. Ryan mentions a previous romantic gesture when Seth named his catamaran after Summer. Seth’s bolts up in bed. Eureka! He’ll buy back the Summer Breeze.

Meanwhile at the Pink Motel, Sandy and Rebecca are having a picnic on the floor of a cheap motel room. Rebecca attempts to make the best of the situation… just the two of them, alone for the night… but Sandy reminds her that it hasn’t just been the two of them for twenty years. Then he gets up to call his wife and tells her he’ll walk home if he has to.

Seth drops by Alex’s place and begs for his old job back so he can earn the $500 needed to buy back his boat. Oh, and he needs it in advance. Alex goes to get him the cash when Marissa suddenly stumbles out of the bedroom in an open robe. Ohmigod! Seth needs a moment to get the visual on this before heading out with a smile on his face.

Seth goes to buy back Summer Breeze but it turns out the new owner has made some slight modifications to it. Instead of “Summer Breeze” it now reads “Gimme Sex.”

Seth calls Summer as she’s heading out the door to the airport, and asks for one last shot. But Summer’s still thinking about when he took off to Portland without giving her one last shot. So, I guess that’s a no.

Ryan, Lindsay, Kirsten, Caleb and Julie are all gathered outside the doctor’s office awaiting the results of the paternity test. And… we have a match! Lindsay’s a Nichol after all!

Sandy is determined to get back home to Kirsten so he and Rebecca are braving the storm when Sandy swerves to avoid hitting the car in front of him and the car goes off a small cliff. A truck driver who sees them go over calls 911 and lets Sandy know the cops are on their way. Rebecca doesn’t think she wants to stick around and get arrested. It’s time for her to let go of the past, and to let Sandy go. Goodbye Sandy Cohen.

In the airport, the flight to Italy has been delayed due to weather. Great, more time for Zach’s mother and sister to talk about things Summer isn’t interested in and doesn’t understand. She heads into the gift shop and listens to a message from Seth and Captain Oats, then she sees a little boy playing with his toy horse, then she tells Zach that she just can’t go through with it. Zach notices Summer looking at the little boy who looks like a young Seth and tells Summer he can’t fight fate. Truth be told, he never thought she’d make it past security.

Meanwhile Marissa and Alex are playing house but when Alex asks Marissa to take out the garbage cans and reminds her that the rent is due, it all suddenly seems too real.

Ryan visits Lindsay, who’s packing up her room. Is she ready to move to Caleb’s. Uh, no, because she’s not moving to Caleb’s. She’s moving to Chicago instead. She’s not really sure she wants to be Caleb’s daughter and, as hard as it is to leave Ryan, she can’t leave her Mom, the only real family she’s ever had. Ryan gets it.

Seth plops himself down in front of the TV for endless hours of mind-numbing entertainment. But the cable’s out. Now, this is one thing in his life that he can fix. So her puts on his Spiderman mask and scales the side of the house with a rope around his waist. On the roof, he suddenly loses his footing and slides… until he’s hanging upside down. Summer arrives in a cab and hears Seth calling for help. But before she can ask what he’s doing upside down, he asks what she’s doing at his house. What do you think, Cohen? She peels off part of his rubber mask and kisses him.

that's so excessive

They host torrents of the episodes.